Fulltime immersive Studio Production program – 12 Months

Our Producer Certification is made up of 6, course offerings including Audio Engineering & Recording, Beat Production, Mixing & Mastering, Photo & Video Production, Music Business and Social Media Marketing. This Program is a 12 month roadmap designed to teach you how to professionally direct a studio session of any size and complexity as well as produce and publish your music. You will have access to work in our studio on your songs as well as other featured artists. 


Throughout our courses, students can learn while working alongside our Audio Engineers and Producers in real-life professional recording sessions.


Our 8:1 Student-Teacher ratio means instructors can give each student personalized instruction. Our instructors can tailor the education to each student’s particular learning style.


You’ll always have access to the most up-to-date knowledge. Alumni, after they graduate, have LIFETIME access to our network, facilities, and workshops to continue their learning.

Audio Engineering

Audio Engineering

24 Lessons | 24 Labs | Software Included

Acquire the skills to setup, navigate and run recording sessions of any studio size. We’ll teach you to develop critical audio engineer listening skills, gain knowledge in acoustic treatment, microphone designs, proper microphone placement and how to use Pro Tools in a professional, studio environment.


Recording Software Bundle
Topics Covered:
  • Fundamentals of Hearing
  • Fundamentals of Sound Part 1
  • Fundamentals of Sound Part 2
  • Acoustic Environment and Treatment
  • Microphones and Industry Standard devices
  • Microphone placement
  • Pre Amps and Industry Standard devices (Solid state,Tube, Class A, Transistor)
  • Dynamics Processing and Industry Standard \devices (Compression, Limiting, Gating)
  • EQ and Industry Standard devices (Graphic, Parametric)
  • The Mix Console – Patch Bay – Signal Path
  • Analog tape and digital audio workstations (DAWs)
  • Digital sampling (Pro Tools), MIDI, V.I.’S, and different lossy and lossless formats

Be_Course-Icons_smallBeat Production

24 Lessons | 24 Labs | Software Included

Learn how to sample sounds, use virtual instruments, and produce original beats. Explore the variables/parameters of sound creation in depth, building a foundation to develop signature sounds and virtual instruments from scratch.


Recording Software Bundle
Topics Covered:
  • Music Theory
  • Synthesizers, Filters, Oscillators, Modulators
  • Samplers in Kontakt, Battery, Ableton Live
  • Advanced MIDI and Sequencing Editing Techniques
  • Sound Design in Pro-Tools and Ableton Live
  • Ableton Live Training Part 1
  • Ableton Live Training Part 2
  • Understanding Hardware Controllers
  • Working with the Artist
  • Advanced Pitch Techniques
  • Advanced Popular Sounds Techniques
  • Advanced Song Sequencing

Mx_Course-Icons_smallMixing and Mastering

24 Lessons | 24 Labs | Software Included

Master the art of mixing in this advanced course. Learn how to bring clarity, depth and punch to your music. Be exposed to advanced techniques including parallel compression, reverb parameters and compression techniques in mastering.


Recording Software Bundle
Topics Covered:
  • Introduction to Mixing
  • Advanced Panoramic Placement
  • Saturation/Harmonic Distortion
  • Re-amping, Inserts/Sends and Returns
  • Dynamics Techniques Part 1
  • Dynamics Techniques Part 2
  • EQ Techniques Part 1
  • EQ Techniques Part 2
  • Advanced Reverberation Techniques
  • Advanced Understanding and Techniques of Delay
  • Automation and Mix ReviewTime Domain and Modulation Effects (Chorus, flanger, phaser, etc.)
  • Pitching Techniques using Melodyne and Auto-tune

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