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At Indigital, our mission is to prepare our students for leading successful careers in today’s music industry. Becoming a student at the IIRA has advantages that go above and beyond the traditional Audio Engineering & Music Production School experience. We prepare our students by utilizing our dynamic curriculum, experienced faculty, state of the art recording studios, and specially equipped classrooms for lectures and workshops. Not only do students have the opportunity to learn in our classrooms and hands on lab sessions, they get to work alongside our Audio Engineers and Producers during professional recording sessions.

The IIRA provides an an educational experience you can’t find anywhere else. Our career services department will help the student build their resume, portfolio, and teach them how to navigate their copyrights and publishing. After completing the Full Program, students learn how to get their own business license, build a portfolio of work, and will also have an opportunity to work out of our studios. This program is truly the complete education needed to fast track a successful career in audio engineering and music production.

From day one students will start learning the art and science of Audio Engineering with their hands on the gear, and in as little as 18 months, can earn an Audio Engineering Certification.

In addition, we encourage you to visit our tuition page and compare our costs to any other top recording school and you will find that our costs are much more reasonable. We also offer in-house financing options and payment plans to help with tuition costs. At Indigital, our classroom student to teacher ratio is 5/1 to make sure every student will receive the personalized attention needed to excel and quickly become part of our collaborative community.

The Full IIRA Program includes the following courses:

The IIRA Full Program includes the Audio Engineering course, the Beat Production course and the Mixing and Mastering course. The Full IIRA Program is an 18 month program designed to teach you everything you need to know to direct a studio session of any size and complexity, as well as produce and publish music. Graduates of this program will earn an Audio Engineering certificate that is recognized by other top industry studios, and will also become eligible to work with Indigital Studios as a Audio Engineer.

Recording & Engineering

The Recording Course is our introductory course into our Full Program. This a 6 Month program in which the student will become proficient in the fundamentals of signal flow, signal processors, console operation, and session procedures. The student will develop critical listening skills that are crucial for audio engineers. Learn about acoustic treatment, microphone designs, and proper microphone placement. Gain knowledge in concepts and skills needed to operate Pro Tools in a professional recording studio environment. Then, dig deeper and work on more complex recordings and studio production techniques.

By the end of the course, our students will have the skills to setup, navigate and run recording sessions of any studio size.

Beat Production

The Beat Production Course is an intense 6 Month study into the art of beat making and electronic music production. Students will learn how to sample sounds, use virtual instruments, and produce their own beats. We will explore the variables/parameters of sound creation in depth, giving the student the foundation to develop their own signature sounds and virtual instruments from scratch. Students will also dive into the intricacies of the music production process. This is the perfect opportunity for students to learn how to write their own songs, as well as how to work with each other and other artists in the studio to capture the perfect creation. Our lessons span from extensive Ableton Live training and vocal directing, to electronic music production and song writing formulas for many genres.

Mixing & Mastering

Master the art of mixing in our advanced Mixing and Mastering Course. Students will learn how to bring depth, punch and clarity to their music and make their mix stand out! This course presents concepts that go beyond basic EQ and panning. Our students will be exposed to more advanced mixing and mastering techniques including parallel compression, understanding reverb parameters as well as discussing compression techniques in mastering. Students will have the opportunity apprentice with professional engineers engaged in the processes, as well as mixing and mastering Pro Tools sessions that are provided in the course. During the course students will be able to hear, compare, and discuss the different mixes of their classmates. By the end of this course our students will have acquired a thorough understanding of the entire mixing and mastering process and industry techniques that can apply to any mixing and mastering situation. This will put the student in an even stronger position to have a successful career as an highly trained Indigital Audio Engineer.

What People Are Saying About The IIRA

“I learned more in 18 months than I would have expected to learn in four years. Not only did I learn how to engineer and produce, I learned how to utilize my time and energy for something I really care about, and all the while having more fun then I ever imagined possible.”

Benjamin Guzman

“I liked how the instructor would answer questions and explain things. He took the time no matter what the question was. It was a wonderful experience”

Zach Hoffman

“The instructor was very knowledgeable, well-organized and presented information in a clear, easy to understand way. I would highly recommend The IIRA program to anyone interested in audio engineering.”

Nick Palmer

“My expectations were blown away the first day of class and I continued being fully absorbed until the very end. I received so much help and support during the courses. Coming from a complete beginner level, I feel like I have gained so much insight and knowledge it’s unbelievable!”

David Carkeet

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