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Indigital offers the most progressive audio education program available. Our program was developed by the industry’s leading professionals with decades of experience. We offer a combination of online and in-studio training to provide our students with the education, experience, and confidence for them to successfully run their own audio engineering & music production business.

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Alumni have LIFETIME access to our network, facilities, and workshops to continue their learning.

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Our in-studio learning experience means students work on real studio sessions, develop their skills, and build their portfolio.

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Classes are 5 to 1 ratio to promote a collaborative environment between students and instructors.

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We create careers in music. Our staff works with our students to develop a specialized career plan.


Indigital Producer Certification – 18 Months

Our Producer Certification is made up of our three course offerings including classes in Audio Engineering & Recording, Beat Production, Mixing & Mastering. This Program is an 18 month roadmap designed to teach you how to professionally direct a studio session of any size and complexity as well as produce and publish your music. Graduates of this program will earn their Indigital Producer certificate that is recognized by many other top industry studios and upon completing their apprenticeship will also become eligible to work at Indigital Studios as a Producer & Audio Engineer.


We constantly evaluate our teaching methods, curriculum, materials, and outcome of every class to ensure that we provide the best educational experience for every student.


We are a dedicated group of producers, musicians, educators, and music lovers. Our diverse interests, experience, and skills are reflected in our cutting edge curriculum.


It is our mission to create lifetime partnerships with our students, and use our experience and network to turn their passion for music into a successful business of their own.


Our focused curriculum, small class size, hands-on emphasis, and affordable tuition put any music goal within your reach.


Indigital prepares students with the most up-to-date techniques and gear. Our experienced faculty teach lectures and workshops in specially-equipped classrooms. Throughout our courses, students can learn while working alongside our Audio Engineers and Producers in real-life professional recording sessions.

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Our Success as educators is measured by the success of our students.

“I learned more in 18 months than I would have expected to learn in four years. Not only did I learn how to engineer and produce, I learned how to utilize my time and energy for something I really care about, and all the while having more fun then I ever imagined possible.”

Benjamin Guzman


“I liked how the instructor would answer questions and explain things. He took the time no matter what the question was. It was a wonderful experience”

Zach Hoffman


“The instructor was very knowledgeable, well-organized and presented information in a clear, easy to understand way. I would highly recommend The IIRA program to anyone interested in audio engineering.”

Nick Palmer


“My expectations were blown away the first day of class and I continued being fully absorbed until the very end. I received so much help and support during the courses. Coming from a complete beginner level, I feel like I have gained so much insight and knowledge it’s unbelievable!”

David Carkeet


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