Indigital’s Admissions Process:

Tour & Interview

The best place to start is with a tour of our campus & studio. Many of your questions can be answered and you’ll get to see where you will be spending most of your time…in the studio. We also encourage new potential students to sit in on a class or lab free of charge. Please contact our administrations department to schedule your time. 855-Record-U or


  1. When is the best time for me to Enroll?:

We currently have 4 enrollment starts: January, March, June and September. We suggest you apply well in advance to allow time to schedule the tour, get your questions answered and secure your spot. We accept a maximum of 5 students each class so being ahead of the pack.

  1. How do I Schedule an Interview?:

If you fill out one of our forms on our site then our Admissions Department will contact you, usually within 24 hours. You can also call, text, or email to schedule a tour and interview. 1-855-RECORD-U (831-419-6070) or email  For students who live a great distance away and cannot meet in person, a phone or Skype interview can also be scheduled.

  1. Once accepted, What’s next?:

Once Accepted, it’s just a matter of finding the right financial plan and start date for you. You can hold your seat in any given enrollment cycle by completing the enrollment agreement and making your deposit. We often sell out our classes, it is a good idea to reserve your seat well in advance.

  1. Tuition & Funding:

Indigital offers payment plans for full-time programs up to 72 months for qualified applicants and their co-signers. We also offer discounts for early enrollment, scholarships, as well as a considerable discounts for tuition payment in full. If you are applying for a payment plan, please also complete the financing / payment portion of the application form.

Total Tuition & Materials (Includes all books, materials, and software needed)

  • $7,250 Audio Engineering, Beat Production, Mixing & Mastering (Single Course)
  • $18,500 Producer Certification (Three Courses) Discount of $3,250.00!

Pre Enrollment Discounts (With Payment Plan)

  • Finalize enrollment – 30 days prior to start – $500
  • Finalize enrollment – 60 days prior to start – $750
  • Finalize enrollment – 90 days prior to start – $1,000

Pay in Full (Payment in full must be received prior to class start date)

  • Additional 10 % Discount

* Because Indigital is a private school and not a university, federal scholarships, grants, and financial aide such as FAFSA do not apply. We are able to accept, 529 education savings funds, worker retaining, and many other educational funding options. Please contact us and discuss if you have a special circumstance you would like us to consider. Indigital has made a conscious choice not to become a Federally accredited institution because it allows us to keep our tuition costs down and keep our curriculum current and relevant.

Admissions Requirements

Prior to entry into the program, every student must produce proof that satisfies the following entry requirements:

  • 16 or older with your guardians permission.
  • A valid email address
  • A valid mailing address
  • A valid phone number
  • Have a working capacity for computer operation. Our entire curriculum is based on the computer and the Digital Audio Workstation so applicants will need an understanding of file menus, file hierarchy, file management, and other operations of a computer.

The Admissions Department may request verification of this information during the enrollment process. Entry to the program may be denied if proof is requested but not delivered. Indigital does not accept transfer credits from any other college or university. We are sorry at this time we can not accept enrollment for nonimmigrant alien students.

If you have any questions regarding the admissions process or need assistance please feel free to reach out to our Admissions Director, Bryan Carmody at or you can text or call 831-419-6070 with any questions.